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@infiniteyounges : 너나알아~~~~~~~ 울맴버형들과테이스티형들이랑찰칵^^

[Trans] @infiniteyounges : You know me~~~~~~~ *shutter snap* With our member hyungs and tasty hyungs^^


Note : he posted same picture as tasty posted before.

cr : @infiniteyounges

trans by : @Infiniteupdates






@tastytwins0809: 인피니트친구들(선배님이죠^^)이랑 같이함께 하는 첫 스케줄~~~~인피니트화이팅~!!테이스티화이팅~!!ps:너나알어포즈:) 


@tastytwins0809:First schedule with our infinite buddies (our senior of course^^)~~~~ Infinite fighting~!!Tasty fighting~!ps;its the pose for You Know 


cr : @tastytwins0809

trans by : @Tasty2trans